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A World of Events

A better way to explore events around you

Seen empowers you to see events that matter to you, locally and globally

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Front row at a concert?
Great seats for a game?
Or just right place at the right time?
Share your best perspectives!

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Share beyond your friends.
Your footage is shown to people who want it most.

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Your posts could get published!
Seen helps the news get better footage.
When that happens, we make sure you're fairly rewarded.

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Key Features


  • Evolved beyond hashtags
  • Local event mapping
  • Global reach

Event Focus

  • Filter by interests
  • Best footage from any event
  • See beyond your network


  • Collaborate with news orgs.
  • Help tell better stories
  • Ensure you are compensated

A different media platform...

Seen aims to help everyone know their world better, and that starts by rethinking how content is shared

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